I have often wondered where the saying, 'All good things come to those who wait' came from. It's a hard concept to grasp and one that I am not very good at...the waiting part. I work daily to remind myself that everything is in God's perfect timing and sometimes that requires me to wait. We are in that period now...I like to refer to it as the waiting room. We are waiting for the next step. 
The other day I spoke with our agency and was told that they are currently working with a couple birth moms, however, neither mom is at the point of looking through portfolios and picking a family. So we wait! And in the meantime, we praise. Praise God for the baby that he has destined for us. :) He now knows the baby that we will know as ours in the future. I find my peace in knowing that, and that in turn, makes me a little more patient. :)

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