"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." - Psalm 126:3
Here they are! The greatest dogs in all the land...Gideon and Kalypso! Love those faces!! Today they are wishing for a day like in this picture...a fun snowy day! :) Instead we have a bitterly cold, dry day with a temperature high of about 6 degrees. Brrrr! Sadly we are stuck inside..
We have plenty to do though..clean the house, hit up the store for flowers, set out the food..yup, we are having a party! A joyous celebration to be exact! My parents are renewing their wedding vows after 20+ years of marriage! Praise Jesus!! 
Today is exactly the kind of day where I have had to learn how to balance the important things in life with my Ironman training. And today my training will take a backseat to the celebration at hand!  :) And I am 100% ok with that....My heart is full of joy today! 
I'd love to hear about the things that bring joy to your heart!!

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