I wanted to share a fun bike trainer workout I came up with while watching my football team, the 49ers, kicking some Seahawk's bootie last Sunday! :)  I had an indoor ride ahead of me but couldn't miss a moment of this all important game, so I hauled my bike out of the back room ( otherwise known as the "blue room", for the blue painted walls, or the "Ironman room", for the Ironman posters everywhere ;) ) and into the living room...front and center for the game! 
This was a 30 minute interval workout:
* I first warmed up for about 5 minutes: mid gear, easy spin. 
* Whenever my boys (the 49ers) had the ball: low gear, spin 19-20mph.
* Whenever the opposing team ( the Seahawks) had the ball: high gear,  spin 14-15mph.
* Whenever there was a flag thrown: highest gear, remained in the saddle.
* Commercials: highest gear, out of the saddle ( leg burner, right here, people! ) 
* Whenever a team (on either side) scored: Rest time for me! Sat up-right in saddle and shook out arms. 
Fun way to watch a game and get in a great interval bike ride! :) I'd love to hear how you shake up your interval workouts!

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